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Donald's Fine Watches & Jewelry


Services We Offer

At Donald's Fine Watches & Jewelry, we proudly stand as your premier destination for comprehensive watch and jewelry services, recognized as a General Watch Service Center in the USA with approvals from leading Swiss timepiece brands. Our commitment extends beyond the boundaries, as we diligently serve all 50 states in the USA. With over 25 years of expertise in the watch and jewelry business, our skilled team, led by Donald Ghezzi, brings unparalleled proficiency to every service we offer.

As a full-service watch and jewelry store, our on-site repair facility ensures that your cherished timepieces and jewelry receive the meticulous care they deserve. Whether it's a routine maintenance check, intricate repairs, or custom modifications, our seasoned professionals combine precision and passion to bring your pieces back to life. Embracing the values of transparency and integrity, we strive to exceed expectations, ensuring that your treasured possessions are in the hands of trusted experts. Explore the breadth of our services, where craftsmanship meets commitment, and experience the epitome of excellence at Donald's Fine Watches & Jewelry.